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follow request to @mbaheinrich. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. The best sport documentaries you can watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime - Wales. ONE OF THE BEST SPORT-DOCUMENTARIES I'VE EVER SEEN! PERIOD. Great, touching and heartfelt documentary about rural America. And it's killing off​. Sport and Fitness: Inspirational Documentaries and Reports. Football, surfing, boxing - in the air, on water and on land. Give yourself the ultimate adrenaline. One of the best sport documentaries ever made. My opinion has always been that Maradona was the best I've seen, fair enough, he punched one in which. Directed by Aljoscha Pause. With Rachid Azzouzi, Fabian Boll, Michael Born, Marius Ebbers. Sports documentary that shows the life of three young German.

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One of the best sport documentaries ever made. My opinion has always been that Maradona was the best I've seen, fair enough, he punched one in which. With access to FOX SPORTS Australia, ESPN and beIN SPORTS content, Kayo delivers over 30, hours of the best sport, documentaries and entertainment. ONE OF THE BEST SPORT-DOCUMENTARIES I'VE EVER SEEN! PERIOD. Great, touching and heartfelt documentary about rural America. And it's killing off​. You can tell it's the hardest thing he's go here done, and that playing for the team has changed him for the better. The film is full of such moments. National Geographic Fox. Documentary, Sport. The Short Game. Director Stacy Peralta, one of the original members of the Zephyr team, reunited the original skate crew 25 years later so they could tell the story in their own words. Best Sport Documentaries Close Menu. Amazon Business Service for business customers. Learn more Beste Spielothek in Neugaude finden Like This. Audible Download Audiobooks. Toni Kroos Aber Typen wie Ihn gibt es heute im Fussball nicht mehr. Soul Kitchen presents an overview of the most intriguing Polish sports films out there​. but also poignant documentaries and unknown stories of personal success. The best in Polish culture, delivered straight to your inbox. This award, sponsored by ERT3, is for the best sports programme, sports documentary, sports coverage, sporting entertainment or sports feature. Founding Chief Operating Officer of Kayo Sports, Australia's dedicated hours of the best sport, documentaries and entertainment shows combined with game. With access to FOX SPORTS Australia, ESPN and beIN SPORTS content, Kayo delivers over 30, hours of the best sport, documentaries and entertainment. Title: Trainer! Get to Know Us. Parents Guide. Italy fail and it results in nothing continue reading of a vendetta against Maradona who ultimately flees the country. Reality-TV Sport. The way it is directed and narrated is very clever and if you love football then this film in my opinion is a. Please try again later. Toni Kroos is one of. Really nice film. Rate This. Learn more More Like This. Documentary Sport.

If only his team had been so adept at rounding Dutch defences. The shots of Taylor on the touchline as England lose their chance to qualify are comically poignant.

The film is full of such moments. Taylor's openness made him a laughing stock, his "Do I not like that" and "Can we not knock it" became catchphrases.

This film practically killed the fly-on-the-wall sports doc and is all the more precious for it. Before cycling became a thing and documentaries on it became commonplace, this was the only one.

It attained near-mythical status with fans who had to share it on VHS. Beloved, half-remembered films can lose their lustre over time, but A Sunday in Hell exceeds expectation.

Danish director and poet Leth succeeded in his goal to distil heroism at the Paris-Roubaix, cycling's toughest one-day race, of Real pain emerges from grimacing, bloodied cyclists — the opposite effect given off by the machine-like road racers of today.

A subtle synth-and-symphony score is 40 years ahead of its time. Rivalries and team bonds, only briefly noted in the spare voiceover, are shown to be genuine.

One of very few films to convey how hard and noble pro sport can be. Directed by James Toback. There's only one talking head punctuating clips in this film.

It has a Maori warrior-like tattoo on its left side and the words coming from the mouth are measured and softly spoken.

It is, of course, Mike Tyson, giving thoughtful and honest comment on his rise to, tenure as, and fall from heavyweight champion of the world.

Toback does a grand job of mining archives for news and fight footage. Seeing Tyson in action can still raise a gasp, thanks to his unsurpassed power, speed and skill.

Toback had been friends with Iron Mike for 20 years when they made this, so he can ask about Tyson's rape conviction or "colourful" ex-manager Don King.

Directed by Paul Wilmshurst. I'm looking forward to it. Understated shabby English charm is his stock-in-trade, all second-hand coats and Silk Cut.

Rendall, who died in , absolutely personifies the misplaced romanticism that makes a winning bet so beautiful and a losing one so horrible.

The highs and lows of the gambling life are seen unvarnished and seem very real, despite our hero using the best kind of stake money — someone else's.

Quentin Tarantino was pitched the idea for this movie and immediately signed on as investor and executive producer. He told the makers they had one of the greatest stories never told.

The Olympic men's water polo knockout match between Hungary and the USSR, effectively a semi-final, took place a few days after the Hungarian people's rebellion against the Soviet-controlled regime had been quashed.

Revenge, pride and passion are only the half of it, and when surviving players are reunited half-a-century later, you know exactly what Tarantino meant.

Directed by Steve James. The Citizen Kane of sport documentaries. Almost everyone who has made one since lists it among his or her influences.

It was truly ground-breaking in format and content. A film crew spent five years in Chicago with two schoolboy basketball prospects and their families, to craft a near three-hour film with a range and depth of insight simply not seen before.

Since then, of course, the story of the kid trapped on the wrong side of the tracks with sport as their means of escape has been told many, many times, but there hasn't been a film that takes the viewer into that world so fully.

Hoop Dreams retains all of its emotional and dramatic power, and has perhaps even gained some over time.

Watching it now, you realise that no one is putting forward the version of themselves they feel they need to be on camera — an impossibility with the rise of reality TV in the last 10 years.

The sub genre of ski and snowboard films is notable mainly for wild landscapes and outlandish stunts. This film, although sharing a little of that DNA, is an outlier, because it has genuine emotional pull and ranges beyond extreme sport into something far deeper about human endeavour and the search for happiness, wherever you look for it.

Shane McConkey was a skier who graduated into base-jumping, and pioneered a combination of the two, skiing off mountains and deploying his parachute at the last second.

He was also a husband and a father; reconciling family and work is just one conflict in his unique life. Home video of his younger years draws you immediately close to the subject.

McConkey is highly likeable, not the high-fiving brah you might have suspected him to be. Thus, the film's last act is far more poignant than you'd bargained for.

Directed by Daniel Gordon. Very hard to watch at times , it goes into great detail about the disaster and the institutional cover-up that followed.

It became a forum through which many associated with the events, including Esquire contributing editor Dan Davies, who was there, to speak publicly for the first time about what they experienced.

These include policemen, many of whom, on a human level, could be considered victims of their bosses' malfeasance. This could only be shown in the UK after the verdict of the second coroner's inquest in May ; director Gordon used the same footage of the day shown to inquest jurors.

The UK version adds the unlawful killing verdict, to make the definitive chronicle of British sport's darkest hour. Directed by Louise Osmond and Jerry Rothwell.

The —'69 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was notable for many things, not least that it was the first round-the-world yacht race.

Of nine starters, only one finished. Another, a likely winner, decided that competition was not for him and carried on sailing on a new course, for a total of 10 months at sea and another two-thirds of a circumnavigation.

Then there was Donald Crowhurst. If the name is not familiar, do not Google it and instead track down Deep Water. Crowhurst's story deserves to be called "astonishing" a biopic, The Mercy , starring Colin Firth is due in autumn and this film tells it superbly: part biography, part mystery, part underdog tale.

A brilliant example of the parallel world where fact trumps fiction on film. Directed by Leon Gast. Last night, I cut the light off in my bedroom, hit the switch and was in the bed before the room was dark.

I'm so mean I make medicine sick! When We Were Kings was the first time the two were seen together at length, in a film showing The Greatest in the run-up to, and during, The Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Fight highlights are extensive and there's music from a simultaneous festival, Zaire The best film yet on the best-ever sportsman.

Directed by Asif Kapadia. Kapadia raised the bar for all docu-biopics, not just sporting ones, with his recounting of the life of Ayrton Senna.

By only using archive footage and adding no captions or talking heads, he wired audiences directly into the racing driver's private and public moments, rather than keeping them one step removed as onlookers.

It helped that Senna's life was special and tragic, but with no pauses for analysis or after-the-fact context, the film is totally enthralling from the first moment to last.

Kapadia went on to make Amy , about singer Amy Winehouse, in and is currently in production on a life of Diego Maradona, with full support and access to the man himself and his home movies.

An exciting prospect, but it will have to go some way to match the searing brilliance of Senna. Directed by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist. Arguably the outstanding episode in ESPN's outstanding 30 for 30 series, it tells the tale of two unrelated men who shared a surname and an inability to escape Colombia's drug culture.

Pablo Escobar created a huge cocaine empire. In the late Eighties, Pablo and two rival barons effectively owned the country's three largest club sides.

Fan grumbles about clubs owned by Indian chicken processors and Chinese holding companies can only pale in comparison.

Directed by John Alexander. Twenty years ago, a BBC film crew decamped to Sunderland to record a year in the life of the club, then, as now, yo-yoing in and out of the Premier League.

They got full access: boardroom, dressing room, treatment room, terraces, team coach, fan coach. The five-part series had to be shown after the 9pm watershed because bleeping out the fucks would have turned the soundtrack into an Aphex Twin album.

Anyway, football wasn't fun for all the family back then. Centered around a sport now known as quad rugby or wheelchair rugby , this intense film spins a tale about the brutal, intense, full-contact gladiatorial past time and the athletes who participate in it as they strive for a spot competing in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.

The whole cinematic masterpiece is remarkable, inspiring, and at times heartbreaking. Of course, that remarkable and perhaps wacky event is only one part of his story.

Following his baseball career, Ellis went into recovery and even began helping others in their recovery from addiction.

From one of the wildest events in baseball history to his charitable work, this is a fascinating and surprisingly moving tale.

What you might not know, however, is that this documentary is the work of legendary director Bruce Brown — the same fellow that directed fabled surf doc The Endless Summer along with a slew of other flicks.

Though he is most famous for his ocean-focused films, this one actually focuses on and captures the world of motorcycle racing in a way that no other documentary before or since has managed to replicate.

In fact, it was even nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar in , which is a pretty big deal considering the fact that motorcycle culture, back then, was much more underground and even a bit frowned upon by the upper-crust and authority figures of the time.

Olympia in the s. However, Riding Giants just barely edged past it for us, perhaps for its unique two-pronged approach, spanning both the sweeping history of surfing itself as well as more intimate looks at the real individuals involved.

Whatever the case, this documentary is widely considered amongst the greatest of all time, be that surfing, sporting, or otherwise.

In , he did it again. Then, in , he did it a third time. And he managed all of that before the age of Before he could take another title, however, Senna perished in a crash while leading the San Marino Grand Prix in front of an audience of million people.

It was a tragedy that shook the racing and sports worlds alike, as — to this day — Ayrton Senna is still considered to be one of the greatest drivers to ever hit the pavement.

Still, this documentary serves as a fitting tribute to one of the most magnificent drivers in the history of motorsports. However, the disaster-fraught adventure, to director Kevin McDonald, was one still worth telling.

But rather than sticking with the limited footage available and interviews, the production team decided instead to create a series of dramatizations — aided by the input of the real-life climbers themselves.

One of the most controversial figures in the sporting world, Mike Tyson has had a tumultuous career and life.

He also happens to be one of the most dominant boxers of all time — a fact bolstered by his 50 wins 44 by KO , just six losses, and the fact that he holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at the age of So it was almost compulsory to add his aptly-named Tyson documentary to this list.

Of course, as we all know, his story goes much deeper than the ring — starting on the streets of Brooklyn, where he turned to fighting as a means of curbing bullying and humiliation, to his felony conviction for rape and subsequent three-year stint in prison and more.

There are a lot of stories about the greatest athletes to ever compete, but stories of underdogs are sometimes even more important and beloved — just ask anyone who has ever seen Rudy.

Martin Length: 1h 53min. Muhammed Ali formerly Cassius Clay was always destined for greatness. And while his physical prowess and arrogance were unmatched for years, time would inevitably be his undoing — as is so often the case with athletes.

However, one of his most remarkable achievements came when he was at the age of 32 and considered to be well past his prime.

Besides the fight itself, this is a story of legendary promoter Don King, dictator of Zaire the African country in which the match took place , and a massive music festival featuring some of the top black performers in the world at the time.

Not every sport-focused story worth telling has been turned into a good documentary. Check out the best ones on our list of the greatest sports books of all time.

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